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Private Reserve Boxed Flower Spongellé Collection


How to use:

Nestle into an unforgettably refreshing cleansing experience. Unleash Spongellé’s creamy fragrance by placing your body wash-infused buffer under running water to reveal an airy, cloud-like hybrid of exfoliating massage and silky aromatic cleansing. Patented technology ensures a minimum of 14+ washes. A lot of times 20+

Rinse and squeeze out excess water after each use. Sponge can be re-purposed after complete use.


  • Built-In Body Wash + Buffer. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the skin, from neck to toe.
  • Multi-Function, Multi-Use, 14+ Uses
  • All-in-One Beauty Treatment
  • Time-Released Lather
  • Bacteria-Resistant Cleansing. An antibacterial agent is infused with our buffer to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free
  • Proprietary Infusion Technology
  • Chic hanging ribbon design
  • Portably designed for travel

Ingredients: Every one has different ingredients because of scent but they are non-toxic. Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan-Friendly. Made with glycerin, water, fragrance, and plant extracts

Made in the Los Angeles.

Black Orchid: Smells like a mysterious bouquet of orchids, from an equally mysterious crush. Feels like a seductive embrace of exotic bubbles.
Fragrance Notes: bergamot, juicy mandarin, orchid petals M: jasmine, black gardenia, lotus flower B: ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla

Peony Flower: Smells like an aromatic, romantic escape to a land of fresh peonies.
Feels like The bubbly antidote to a stressful day
Fragrance Notes: rose stems, petitgrain, red apple M: damascone rose, waterlily, papaya flower B: cashemran, clean musk

Night Jasmine: Smells like a late night strolls near the Hollywood Sign.
Feels like endless nights with the one you love
Fragrance Notes: bergamot, glazed berries M: jasmine, tuberose, creamy gardenia B: vanilla bean,  amber musk, sandalwood

Tobacco Vanilla: Smells like sweet musk and a wood burning fire.
Feels like a warm masculine massage.
Fragrance Notes: lemon sorbet, plum, ginger zest M: freesia, osmanthus, peppermint, tobacco B: sandalwood, vanilla bean, musk

Blackberry: Smells like a cocktail of mouthwatering berries and sweet sparkling citrus.
Feels like being whisked away to a remote island
Fragrance Notes: sparkling citrus, blackberries M: pink jasmine, vanilla sugar B: sweet musk, white amber